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Otter Tracking Tours

Walk with us and help track and monitor our Otters in the wild. A Wonderful way to spend 2 or 3 hours easy walking in Cape Point, South Africa.  You will be under the care of "The Otter Man", your local Tourism Guide and Expert Otter Tracker. We'll teach you how to find otters, how to read their spoor ( tracks & signs), so that you will always recognize their presence on your future nature walks. We are "Hop -On" guides and can travel with you in your hire car, or simply meet you inside Cape Point. We are passionate about creating awareness of the importance of otters and other wildlife,in maintaining the delicate Balance of Nature near a major city.

Contact our guide at - or via Whatsapp (+27845255555) for direct bookings. Prefer to book via Airbnb? Please scroll down to see our Airbnb Experience Cape Town link ( Track Wild Otters) at the bottom of this page.

Watch video of the Cape Clawless Otter here

Shipwreck Tours

Join us for a Cultural Tour with a Difference! We cater for groups of Shipwreck Enthusiasts.

Your highly - qualified guide was once a hard-working salvager of shipwrecks around the Southern African Coast and has many years of local knowledge of  shipwrecks and wreck-sites. We're Heritage-Proud of our "time-capsules", as everything stops when a ship runs aground. 


Simon's Town & Penguin Tours

Penguins, Otters, Seabirds, Seals and the little Critters... The Sea is our Office and Playground. We have spent years discovering it's Secrets. 

Collect one of our friendly personal "Hop on" local guides ( A legal Tourism Guide,of course) and enjoy an hour or two out in the healthy sea air at Boulders, or on Windmill Beach, discovering some of the many wonders of our Coast.

We also offer an easy morning combined Cultural Tour/ Walk in Simon’s Town. Once a thriving English Naval Port with an Apartheid History, discover it's Georgian Architecture, Naval Heritage and Tales of Old Seadogs, Quirky Characters and Wanderlust Explorers.

Sea Diving Experience

Always wanted to see what life is like under the water, but don't have the time or inclination to do a full diving course? Our personal guides have many years of experience in helping each visitor safely experience the freedom of sea diving . 

Let us take you on a 2 hour Sea Diving Adventure and help you immerse yourself in some of the Undersea Wonders of the Cape of Good Hope. We arrange the fitted wetsuits and soft gear.  It's an experience that will change your perception of the undersea world, forever. * We also do boat rides for a breakfast or lunch at sea, where you can dive with the seals, scuba dive (if qualified) , or simply enjoy the beauty of our coastline for a few hours.

Seaweed Safari Tours

An Experience not to be missed. Join Cape Town Marine Tours .com on a rugged Cape Winter Adventure trip of two to four days, tailor made to suit your available time in South Africa. It's all about Dirt Roads, Green Fields and Off-Season Rates!  Our tours are designed for people who enjoy Outdoor Adventures and Pristine Natural Scenery. Rent a Landrover or other iconic fully 4 wheel drive vehicle from an established car rental company at off-season rates ( We'll gladly give you free advice on the best local rental company options - please just send us an email ).   We've been doing hard 4 x 4 work since the 1980's, with many brands of offroad vehicles, so we'll also teach you how drive your vehicle safely. Our expert Overlander Guide , allows a maximum of 5 other vehicles on each tour. We'll also bring a kayak and other toys. These tours are very popular with adventurers and guests who love the outdoors. Our tours are often fully booked by May month, every year - please remember to book well in advance.

Coastal Adventure Bike Tours

Join our “Seaweed Safari  Adventure Motorcycle Tours” – Bring your thumper, smaller street scrambler or big adventure bike and discover the adventure bike riding places others don’t know about. Enjoy the outdoor freedom and ride your machine with a few fellow riders who advise and help each other. After a dusty day in the saddle, we camp out, stay over at farmhouses or at select guest houses to enjoy hot showers and a relaxed evening around a campfire with our new riding friends. 

We also offer "slackpacking", if you prefer not to carry your supplies - with the backup Landrover or other 4x4 vehicle transporting your camera equipment, luggage, spares, tools and of course - an eski ice cooler of refreshements.

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