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 Welcome to South Africa
Cape Town Marine

Our Adventure Tours, Cultural Tours, Wildlife Tours, Wine Tours and Coastal Safaris are the best way to experience our land and it's culture

Terry and the Team, wish to Personally Welcome You to our Beautiful Cape Town 


Walk with the internationally renowned "Otter Man" -  Tour Guide, Animal Tracker, Author, Explorer, Historian and Conservationist.

We are passionate about monitoring and conserving our population of wild otters and donate a large portion of our tour fees to protect our otters from harm. Take an easy 2-3 hour guided walk  with the "Otter Man" to track and locate his wild otters, in Cape Point, South Africa. The "Otter Man" will teach you how to look for otters, by following their spoor and using other techniques, Learned through his 48 years of experience in tracking otters. On these walks you will also learn about the biology of all the animals and creatures encountered, from the tiny kelp lice to the large Eland Antelope. Walking in the absolute peace and beauty of the hidden areas of Cape Point will certainly refresh your mind and soul.

Our Otter Tracking Walks are also available on Airbnb Experience Cape Town  - Track Wild Otters in Cape Point  

Exclusive Penguin & Beach Tours

Walk with one of our trained and qualified Culture Guides in and around historic Simon’s Town - once a Dutch Refreshment Station, A Boer War Prisoner Transit Point , a Fishing and Boat Building Village, an English Naval Port , a Town of Ghosts and a dark Apartheid History. 

Discover it's Architecture, Naval Heritage and Tales of Old Sea dogs, Quirky Characters and Wanderlust Explorers. Visit Seaforth and Boulder's Penguin Colonies, take your shoes off on Windmill Beach. Enjoy a lunch of fresh and tasty seafood delights in a special setting restaurant with your guide, whilst watching the locals and listening to stories of the town and its people. (The Guide's Meal cost adds a mere additional ZAR 78.00 to your tour cost and it's a way to relax and find the stories normally reserved for close friends).



Always wanted to see what life is like under the ocean, but don't wish to do a full diving course?

It's an experience that will change your perception of the undersea world forever. No experience needed. All equipment provided.  Our personal guides have many years of experience in helping each visitor safely  experience the freedom of sea diving . * We also do boat tours on our own boat, where you can enjoy an exclusive boat ride to view or swim with seals, snorkelling or scuba diving, try your hand at catching fish or simply see the shipwrecks and enjoy the beauty of our coastline for a few hours.



Join our qualified Wine and Cultural guides on a personal tour of the hidden Wineries of the Cape.

Visit the Southernmost Tip of Africa.

Learn about Seaweeds and other Coastal Foods the San People used to live on. 

It's all about spectacular Western Cape Scenery, Hidden Routes, Green Fields, Wild Coastlines and Fine Wines at good prices.



Enjoy Adventure Motorcycle Riding and ride the backroads of South Africa that few people ever get to see and experience.

It's all about fun and enjoying riding with friends out in the open air along graded back roads, with a wee bit of tar in between. We ride, we experience, we enjoy, then we stay over at  farmhouses or at select guest houses to enjoy a refreshing pool swim, hot showers, a catered dinner and a relaxed evening around a campfire with our new friends. We also provide a backup vehicle and a bike trailer to carry your tools, cameras and luggage.

See our FaceBook Thumper Adventure Bikes Safari Tours Page. 

MarineTeam South Africa

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Providing Marine Support, Industrial Diving & Contruction, Underwater Salvage, Propeller Inspections, Desalination Plant Installations & Maintenance, Pipeline and Fibre Optic Inspections, Oil Terminal Diving, Scientific Instrument Installations & Maintenance, Marina Construction, Slipway & Synchrolift Maintenance and Subsea Video Inspections.